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Soundtrack Lyrics > R > Rocky Horror Picture Show (The)

Science Fiction/Double Feature
Dammit, Janet
Over at the Frankinstein Place
The Time Warp
Sweet Transvestite
The Sword of Damocles
Charles Atlas Song / I Can Make You a Man
Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul
Charles Atlas Reprise / I Can Make You a Man
Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
Once in a While
Eddie's Teddy
Planet, Schmanet, Janet
The Floor Show / Rose Tints My World
Don't Dream It - Be It
Wild and Untamed Thing
I'm Going Home
Super Heroes
Sicience Fiction (Double Feature) (Reprise)
Worm Lounge #1 (Worms In Black) (Danny Elfman)
Logo (Danny Elfman)
Titles (Danny Elfman)
Big Jeff (Danny Elfman)
Headquarters (Danny Elfman)
Chop-Chop (Danny Elfman)
Heart Thump (Danny Elfman)
Customs (Danny Elfman)
Hunting for K (Danny Elfman)
J Nabbed / K's Back (Danny Elfman)
The Real Story (Danny Elfman)
Sleuthing (Danny Elfman)
The Defense Begins (Danny Elfman)
The Chase (Danny Elfman)
The Light (Danny Elfman)
The Finale (Danny Elfman)
Worm Lounge #2 (Danny Elfman)
Titles Revisited (Danny Elfman)
I Will Survive (Tim Blaney)
Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) (Will Smith)