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Letra de Trade Winds (Mason Williams) Banda Sonora: Heartbreakers - Vizio Di Famiglia
Dinner's on the table, just beans but no coffee
Fill up on bread 'cos there's no meat and there's no gravy
Daddy says there's no work no work to do my friend
So come on now my children
Off to bed for the light is fading
I don't believe the trade winds blowing will set you free
I do believe the free trade wind is roaring toward you and me
Clever Chinese fingers busy themselves tonight
Working dawn to dusk sun is setting sun is rising
On your land of milk and honey, yes I know it ain't funny
So take it easy in your Cadillac
I only hope it's built to last
I don't believe the trade wind blowing will set you free
I do believe the trade wind roaring is no more than
An icy breeze for you and me -
Do you remember a time when you called out the names
Of those who never seem to give a damn for your flag
Or for your country you blamed the reds you blamed
The unions you blamed the immigrants and Jews
And you'd better run it by a priest
Cos no one cares and no one's listening -
I do believe - I don't believe the trade winds
Are roaring for you and me
Volver a Heartbreakers - Vizio Di Famiglia Banda Sonora