Anywhere You Want To Letra

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Letra de Anywhere You Want To
Go anywhere you want to
I will be right there by your side
All of the time
Cry anytime you want to
I will be there to hold you tight
And make your pain mine

Everything I've done
Has prepared me for only one
What these eyes have seen,
What these hands have held
Laying shadows of your grace

Well baby I know you've seen it all
Horrors untold
I may not have
What you need to make it all fade away
But my simple life and all of my time is yours

I know your heart is strong
Despite being walked upon
But it's full of more
Than you ever have explored
So just let it out, let yourself be loved

It's a complicated situation
I'm not asking you to walk away from your life
What I'm asking is, that you start living it
Not for anyone but you and you alone
Well I know it's huge
B ut I know that we can do it
For this love