Oso Closo

Anywhere You Want To
Go anywhere you want toI will be right there by your sideAll of the timeCry anytime you want toI will be there to hold you tightAnd make your pain mineEverything I've doneHas prepared me for only oneWhat these eyes have seen,What these hands have heldLaying shadows of your graceWell baby I know you've seen it allHorrors untoldI may not haveWhat you need to make it all fade awayBut my simple life and all of my time is yoursI know your heart is strongDespite being walked uponBut it's full of moreThan you ever have exploredSo just let it out, let yourself be lovedIt's a complicated situationLetras de cancionesI'm not asking you to walk away from your lifeWhat I'm asking is, that you start living itNot for anyone but you and you aloneWell I know it's hugeB ut I know that we can do itFor this love From Letras Mania