Letra de Mom' Illin'
Romeo: Eh yo Half-Pint, you know what a 'Honey Dip' is?
Half-Pint: A 'Honey Dip' is a girl with a big, phat onion
Romeo: And?
Batman: And a big, ol' ghetto booty
Half-Pint: And with big potatoes
Batman: Oh, eh, hey yo, Half-Pint
Your mother right behind you, man
Half-Pint: Man, don't give me that
Batman: Hey man, your mother behind you
Half-Pint: Uh-oh
Mother: Boy, get your butt yo your room,
Talkin' 'bout a damn 'Honey Dip'
Half-Pint: I'm sorry
Mother: Is that all you can think of?
Eight year old, still in the first grade