Letra de A) Translations
Cold fair skinned
Curl your frame entice
Cleanse your stale fingers
A scratch you fail to recognize

With the walls are closing in you remind remember how
To cancel all your friends with a piercing guzzled mouth
As the beggars steal your bed no matter what you've said
The beggars still want the best

These hands
They're painting
Collapse and tired
The colors fading

Take all surrounds begging with me
The kind the meager the weak
Her gown sweeps the ground entirely
Body embellished the breeze
Gone the gathering breaks for the sea
Buried in the deep
Cursing their names

Please show me how
To pin yourself down
You masochistic bigot
Slave us tired masses

Just don't mention your name
Because the rumored ears have spoken
They'll fool you and your masquerade
Such a clever disguise
But can they hear you
Without looking
In your eyes