Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

A) Translations
Cold fair skinnedCurl your frame enticeCleanse your stale fingersA scratch you fail to recognizeWith the walls are closing in you remind remember howTo cancel all your friends with a piercing guzzled mouthAs the beggars steal your bed no matter what you've saidThe beggars still want the bestThese handsThey're paintingCollapse and tiredThe colors fadingTake all surrounds begging with meThe kind the meager the weakHer gown sweeps the ground entirelyBody embellished the breezeGone the gathering breaks for the seaBuried in the deepCastawaysCursing their namesPlease show me howTo pin yourself downLetras de cancionesYou masochistic bigotSlave us tired massesJust don't mention your nameBecause the rumored ears have spokenThey'll fool you and your masqueradeSuch a clever disguiseBut can they hear youWithout lookingIn your eyes From Letras Mania