Beyond The Realms Of Madness Letra


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Letra de Beyond The Realms Of Madness
Sentenced in torment for my unearthly sin
Black sacrifice paid in blood
Ripped apart. no way to win

Unreal pleasure floods my mind
Fatal payment a matter of time

Wretched ecstasy from horrid agony
The cenobites they writhe
The sanity on their prey

Awaiting your damaged soul
Hooks rip now blood flows
Life force drained out corrodes
Loss of your control

Elder ones they chant
Forbidden words to the sky
Lapidation of the dead
Resumption of torment in your head
It's to late to repent
The gates are nearly shut

Virulent intention feel their corpsly lust
Funeral of horror you cry for your soul

Drown forever in my sea of gore

Putrid depth's eternally yours
Exmortis your masters
They laugh as you are scorned
Trapped forever no way back
Extraction of your soul
Agony splits the night

Terror reigns on you now
Suffer agonizing pain
Fate shall bring you sadness
Perish beyond the realms of madness