Beyond The Realms Of Madness
Sentenced in torment for my unearthly sinBlack sacrifice paid in bloodRipped apart. no way to winUnreal pleasure floods my mindFatal payment a matter of timeWretched ecstasy from horrid agonyThe cenobites they writheThe sanity on their preyAwaiting your damaged soulHooks rip now blood flowsLife force drained out corrodesLoss of your controlElder ones they chantForbidden words to the skyLapidation of the deadResumption of torment in your headIt's to late to repentThe gates are nearly shutVirulent intention feel their corpsly lustFuneral of horror you cry for your soulLetras de cancionesDrown forever in my sea of gorePutrid depth's eternally yoursExmortis your mastersThey laugh as you are scornedTrapped forever no way backExtraction of your soulAgony splits the nightTerror reigns on you nowSuffer agonizing painFate shall bring you sadnessPerish beyond the realms of madness From Letras Mania