Letra de Europe
I want to go to Europe
I want to have a getaway in Europe
'Cause I keep on coughing and I keep on choking
And I won't start running 'cause I keep on smoking
My lungs to death

And I want to walk around and get turned around
And pay for my coffee in pounds and it sounds
Oh, it sounds great

I want to go to Britain
I want to go to London
So when I get sick
The doctors won't be pricks
They'll just prick my finger
And tell me what's wrong
I'll stay in a hospital
They'll be hospitable
Then I'll be thankful
For all the grateful
Attention the nurses gave me

I want to go to Paris
I want to walk the streets of Paris
Oh, my lungs will get black
From cigarette spit back
And I won't turn my back on wine bottles
In fact, I'll drink myself to sleep

Where everyone talks funny
And I'll play guitar for money
And find a French honey
Who'll say sweet French nothings
Like, "Oui, oui, oui" and "Bonne nuit"

Bonne nuit