Ali Wagner

I want to go to EuropeI want to have a getaway in Europe'Cause I keep on coughing and I keep on chokingAnd I won't start running 'cause I keep on smokingMy lungs to deathAnd I want to walk around and get turned aroundAnd pay for my coffee in pounds and it soundsOh, it sounds greatI want to go to BritainI want to go to LondonSo when I get sickThe doctors won't be pricksThey'll just prick my fingerAnd tell me what's wrongI'll stay in a hospitalThey'll be hospitableThen I'll be thankfulFor all the gratefulAttention the nurses gave meI want to go to ParisI want to walk the streets of ParisOh, my lungs will get blackFrom cigarette spit backLetras de cancionesAnd I won't turn my back on wine bottlesIn fact, I'll drink myself to sleepWhere everyone talks funnyAnd I'll play guitar for moneyAnd find a French honeyWho'll say sweet French nothingsLike, "Oui, oui, oui" and "Bonne nuit"Bonne nuit From Letras Mania