Letra de Emerald
Yungster Jack

Holding on the cage, you gotta let go
I'ma fall asleep off-off a Benzo
Sacrifice everything for the bag, let's go
Complete the task, for my team, I can't fold
I just wanna-I just wanna be successful
I'ma take the ball to the fucking end zone
[?] a pistol, pistol to the pilot
I'ma leave my lips closed, paper, I won't sign it
Duck in a pit fall, I don't wanna change the climate
I'ma have to climb it so you can fly it
Oh, I was under pressure so I had to finesse
Rash on my hands and a rash on my neck
Treat me like a object, Jack Engelbrekt
You don't know any better so I wish you the best
I'm apart of the problem, I know it
I can't do shit about all your bullshit
I can see through your swag 'cause I wrote it
'Cause you rode it, surf, hah
Covered in chlorine and dirt, hah
Too much of the codeine, get flicked up
Go back to your room 'cause I birthed ya

Guess what? All these emeralds
Guess what? Emeralds
[?] in the way, gotta finish it up
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Ja-Ja-Ja
Yungster Jack