Blood Painted Nails Letra

Yungster Jack

Spread Your Wings

Letra de Blood Painted Nails
Blood painted nails
New Rock boots, no Nine Inch Nails
Goin' slug, silver snails
I feel like the ship that never went sail
Get my bro, I'ma send him on a prayer
I go crazy, Britney Spears, the way I shaved off all my hair
Spread my wings and I get picked up by the gale
Too turnt, my skin is turning pale

Brace for the satellite
I wanna see you reach for the sky
Fill in my lines
Let it go into the sky
This little light of mine
It's getting hard to let it shine
Worry 'bout yours, don't worry 'bout mine
Worry 'bout yours, don't worry 'bout mine (Yungster Jack)

I'm in a fever dream, I feel the evil things
I wanna be layin' down, peacefully
Stuck in my bed in the afternoon
I should do people things
Dirty my cup up, illegally
Finesse him and leave him be
I gotta go away
I'm still gettin' paid
[?] through my [?]
Sippin' on depression and I'll disassociate
I'ma do my thing
Blood paint on the frame
She's got blood painted hair
I came to terms with the fact that life isn't fair
They hate on what I wear
Then they wear what I wear
What are you gonna wear?
Turnin' into thin air
Why you puttin' up a piece of the pie, you don't have [?]
If you stay in the cut too long you'll get evil [?]
It's crazy how fast that song fucking with so many people
You're fucking with my hair, I don't know how I should feel