Letra de I Luv It Babii
Ohhhhhhhhh,I Luv It Babii,(Like It Babii),Really Like It,(Feel So Good),Really Wish,(Really Wish),Me And You.Can Be Together,(Once Again),And Do Those Things,(We Once Did),Girl You Know I Love You O So Much,So Jus Gimme One More Chance,Let Me Be Your Man(I'll Do Those Things That No One Can...
Everytime I Think About You And Me I Thing About Love.....Love Love.In da HallWay We Kissin,We Huggin And We Skippin,I Cant Belive It.....Cause It Seem Like A Dream.
Ohhhhhhh I Said I Like It Babii,(i Like It Babii),Give It To Me,(Give It To Me),Girl I Want Ya,(Girl I Want Ya),And You feel So Good I Need Yo Luvin Babii,So Share It Wit Me Cause All I Wannah Do Is See Yo Fantasy....Like Ohhhhhhhh.........Let Me Know....I Love Itt Babiii.....I Love It Babiiiii.....So Like Yo Prince Wats Goin On,,(I Dont Know),,I Now You Not No Player Or Nothing But You Falling In Love Now,,(I Mean I Think Is Real),,See Das Das Quite Uderstandabe But Im Jus Sayin You Went All Out On Dis One You Had To Get Da Singin,,(Laugh),,Dis Is Crazy,,(I Feel You),,Dis Is Very Unlike You,,(Smurk Yeah),,You Need To Fix Dis Problem,,(I Got You),,(Laugh)
Ohhhhhhhhhh I Said I Like It Babii,(i Like It babii),Give It To Me(Give It To Me),Girl i want Ya,(Girl I Want Ya),And it Feel So Good I Need Yo Luvin Babii So Share It With Me,Cause All I wannah Do Is See Yo Fantasy......Like Ohhhhhhh Let Me Know I Love You babii...I Luv It Babiii

(Thanks to Dj SB G.E.D. Inc. for these lyrics)