Absolute Believer Letra


Strike A Balance

Letra de Absolute Believer
Did you see the fragility of our world, dear?
I can almost forget it since I'm in your life
You didn't seem to need anyone when I met you
It didn't seem you wanted to be somebody's wife
But all the rivers could dry up
And the sun might not rise anymore
I would still be a beautiful believer
Have you ever noticed the surety in our kisses?
It could be dangerous to only lean on it
The clarity of Truth will never replaced
What remains unsaid can worry your spirit
May the lake of promises always burst and
May we always keep a deep thirst
For each other like beautiful believers
Believers, believers, believers, believers
What if the indifference takes hold of us? (Believers)
What if the optimists have lied? (Believers)
What if our binding souls are getting lost? (Believers)
What if the glimmer of your eyes were to die? (Believers)