Pride Of America Letra


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Letra de Pride Of America
I am here to tell you that I'm proud of my land and
Proud of my race and what my forefathers fought for
Seems to me that our country lost it pride but
These four White men are proud of America

I can't believe in what our government stand for
Or how they make a proud man weak now
These are the men that shed their blood for our nation
And it's them that make me proud of America

Sometimes I take the time to look at what I live for
The windswept ocean or a snowcapped mountain
The history of a youngland waiting
For us to be so proud of America

We are standing proud for land that we've built on the land of our
people We are standing proud for the love of our race as the The pride
of America

It may be as simple as walk along the beach or
To hike up a trail in the Redwood forest
I think about my land that makes me proud to be alive
These are the things that make me proud of America

I think I'm gonna call up my old man and
See if he might be up for going fishing
And spend some time together with my mentor
Cause he has taught me about pride in America


But the thing that means everything to me is
My momma who has taught me how to love and
How to be proud and how to be a real man
How to put the love in my pride of America