Lyin' To Yourself Letra


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Letra de Lyin' To Yourself
When you look in the mirror do you like who you see?
If you lie to yourself then your also lyin' to me
Act one way in public then another behind closed doors
It's time to make a decision of which lifestyle you like more

If you're strayin' from the path
You better get back on the right track
Another brother who made the wrong choices
Now you're never never comin' back

So many have come and gone over the years
They were here for their beliefs much less than the beers Their
intentions were wrong but I guess it's best that they're gone If you
don't have what it takes you won't last long

If your heart's not in it you're just wastin' our time
You're wastin' your breath and your wastin' mine
Now look in the mirror and tell me who do you see
Are you lyin' to yourself and are you lyin' to me