Letra de Personality
Young Money
Lil Ken B production
Fame in da Game
summats goin' out for you lot out there.

Yo, yo, yo, yo
alright were gonna do this, yea.

You can put my skills to the test
you get me wrong get a bulletproof vest
coz I'm always feelin blessed
you should not but theres a mess.

I will not hesitate
I will swing for you and watch your jaw break
I see your Rolex It's the one I'd like to take
I'm so good I'm the first layer on the cake.

Yes, my real name's Nathan Nash
I'm fourteen years old and I've got a tash
and if you get into a bash
I'll be all over you like a rash.

Coz when Young Money is here
I rise to the level of fear
Idon't lose, I don't shed a tear
I just chill at home with my microphone and a beer.

Yo, yo
I can get so mad
But I've been told I'm a lovely lad
They don't know me so I'm pretty glad
I got sick skills or at least i had.

Time to show the world what I'm really like
me and Crazy Titch are so alike
We've got so much to say and we both love to fight.
So if you cross us then you surely ain't bright.

Hate me, I really don't care
coz I'm the one who really talks spare
and when I MC I ain't always fair
coz I ca merk you from your shoes to your hair.

Yea, listen out for Young Money alright
big up Lil Ken, a Lil Ken B production alright
Fame in da Game

(Thanks to David Mathebula for these lyrics)