Streets Is Watchin' Letra

Young Money

We Are Young Money

Letra de Streets Is Watchin'
[Intro: Lil' Wayne]
Yeah, uh huh
David Banner on the beat bitch
Young Money, Streets

[Verse 1: Lil' Wayne]
I'm a east sider rider, whoa kemosabe
Bitches get to stepping like Koje Natami
Pussy is a weapon and my hoes think I'm Simon
And simon say go and get my motherfucking money
Young Moolah bitch, tell them hoes, take their clothes off
And I don't hunt birds but I'll shoot you in your mohawk
Yeah, flow nasty like coleslaw
Call me mister no flaw

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
Yeah, I sip drank and pop pills til I dose off
Wake up, grab the mic then I go's off
Too G for office, boss of all bosses
Crucify rappers, nail niggas to the crosses
I'm fresh out the slaughterhouse, blood on my apron
We Louisanimals, watch me let the gators in
I'm going on my paper run, a week at the Days Inn
Icing on my fingertips, I be getting cake in

[Chorus: T-Streets]
I be getting cake then
Watching for the rats and trying not to get snakebit
It's that punting at your face shit
And if you scared, you better go and see Mase bitch
David Banner on the beat hoe
And I beat the beat up like Dee Bo
I got the game on TiVo
So I guess you can say The Streets Is Watchin'

[Verse 3: Jae Millz]
I don't promise much but I promise you that it'll flow boy
Name Jake but you can call me Pillsbury Doughboy
Silence on the nine but the chopper make mo' noise
But if the bitch scream, I'm a pop her, no noise
Bank account top solid, Truck nice and brolic
The rims sticking out like the shoulders on Dwight Howard
You niggas ain't G's you gents and quite coward
But I'll put you higher than flight pilots

[Verse 4: Gudda Gudda]
I am petrifying, The metal turn to lightning
Burn through your clothes like an ion
I am no american idol, no Simon Cowell
Wack niggas throw in the towel
I'm getting money with the rap, pay me by the vowel
I'm hungry like a pack of wolves so I just howl
Holla, Cash rules everything around me
So I'm a get the money, dolla dolla bills in them hundreds


[Verse 5: Nikki Minaj]
Ugh, yo, yo yo,
I'm a bad what? bout to get a maniped
I'm the big bad wolf and your granny dead
Eventhough I'm in mexico
I rep New York like Plexico
Look, switch my name, now I'm celebrating Hannukah
Lewinski bitches, young money Monica
I been hot since hedgehog, Sonic the
So could you pass me the keys to the Tonica
I mean Tonka, That's the truck bitches
Fuck you and fuck all of you fuck bitches
Matter of fact, put some sprinkles on my cupcakes
And get ready to put your dimples in this duct tape