Letra de Ms. Parker
Cut The music and the head phones please
As I Give You... (The Business)
Cut the music up please
And Da headphones please... pleeeaaassseeee

Hey... Ms Parker, Ms Parker,
When u gonna let a nigga fuck Ms Parker, Ms Parker... ahhhh
Talkin bout hey Ms Parker Ms Parker
When u gonna let a nigga fuck Ms Parker, Ms Parker[x3]

[Lil Wayne:]
Uh Um... Lil Shawty want me how do I kno
Cause she told me so
Yea Lil Shawty On E somebody let em
Kno that I got a few mo'
Yea Lil Shawty Wanna leave baby we can go wherever u wanna go
Yea And I'm a take her to the loan then she give that look
I tell my niggas I'm gone
Yea Damn u all that I'm talking bout
Wen she text me I call back
I Go to her apartment & fall back
She attack my heart... heart attack
Cardiac... Part of that
Nigga that she throwing it at & I caught that
I Bought that yea I pay for it
I'll break down walls make her wait for it
I'll wait for it... Oh yea I'll wait for it...
Tick-Tick-Tock[x3]I'll wait


[Mack Maine:]
And bitch I'm Mack Maaaiinnnee
Damn.Look at Ms Parker o