Letra de Say It's So
I read in the paper that sooner or later
the world's gonna fall on its ass
I've got some questions, I never get answers,
Lately I'm too scared to ask

I'm not complaining it's just that I'm saying
Why is it so hard to see
That all of the things that are working for them
Have never been working for me

I won't be lazy
Nothing will faze me
I'm just getting started
To get the hell outta here
So come on.........

Break down the walls
Kick down the doors
We're escaping
All bombs away, we live for today
No more waiting
No master plan
Just grab what ya can
We all stick together, things will be better, I know
If you say it's so

So life took a toll and it emptied your cup
The hits keep on coming they'll never give up
You just want to shout at the world to shut up for a while

Now don't wait for daylight
We're leaving tonight
We got what you're needing
So welcome on board


We're building a new world
So come say hello
To your better life
Come on down, we got a place for you, and you, and you, and you, and you so take it
There's no hesitating, I said no more waiting
You got to believe it, to get the hell outta here
So come on......