Letra de Intro
Booty shaking everywhere, when them hoes come out
Yeah, them hoes see us everywhere we go
You already know, yeah
Mouth full of gold, yeah
When I pull up to the show, yeah
Hoes stop and they watch

Used to rock out in detention
My niggas riding around with extension clips
My life a movie, they paying attention
These niggas talking, just stop and just listen
Whole lot of guap, baby, I'm on a mission
Swim with sharks, I don't swim with the fishes
If I'ma start it, I swear I'ma finish it
ATL shawty shoppin' at Lenox
Do I want ass? Do I want titties?
Do I want Benjis? Hundreds and fifties?
Do I just wanna fuck her 'cause she pretty?
I gotta stay focused on these millis
One of the hottest youngins in my city
Can't name nobody really fuckin' with me
If I fall, I'ma land on my feet
Stay out the kitchen, you can't stand the heat
We on the main street
And I'm bringing them hoes to the mansion
G-Shock made by them people in Beijing
Took L's too, why the fuck is you complaining?
Still servin' pounds out the trunk while it's raining, draining
Call up the plug for some more
Flushing shit, ain't talking toilet bowls
High in the booth, know I'm smoking the dro
And my mama confused, think her boy sold his soul

Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah
Just call me Little
Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, yeah