Trap Niggas Freestyle Letra

Yo Gotti

The Return

Letra de Trap Niggas Freestyle
Serve a nigga raw in the same night
Fuck what you heard

Shout out to Future, I'm bumping Dirty Sprite
Real trap nigga, I come from a dirty life
They charging 30 for a birdie, that's a dirty price
Rob a nigga and serve him on the same night, dirty life
I come from that dirty, age 30, he was an OG
We used to shoot thousand in [?] till a nigga break me
And lord blessing all the trap niggas
I swear to God, I hate these rap niggas
Dirty game, niggas so lame, so quick to change for fame
Load up some choppers soon as they mention my name
10 million dollars off a mixtape, who the fuck in my lane?
Cocaine muzik, they told me to switch up the name, nope
Coke, dope, whatever you phrase it
Ain't going to make it out the hood, nigga you crazy
I got baptized in the kitchen
Lord sent a nigga a pack of chickens
Wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and call my plug nigga
Send the profit re-up to my plug and show you love nigga
Trying to get a hundred, flood the city, I'm like [?] nigga
Lambo pull up right behind the Phantom at the club nigga
Fuck what you heard, Lord blessing all the trap bitches
When she fuckin' me and fuckin' you, we call it our bitches
When that pussy good but the head ain't, we call 'em mal-bitches
When that pussy good and head better, we call it loud nigga
When you get a sack and don't front your partners, it ain't foul nigga
If I catch a case, then I'm going to fight it, go to trial nigga
If you ever reach for this here chain, shit go pow nigga
Your bitch like the Internet Safari, she on browse nigga

What you looking for?
Lord blessing all the trap niggas
Whip, whip, whip
Trying to whip a blessing up out this motherfucker nigga
I got some extra nigga, that's a blessing