Set The Record Straight Letra

Yo Gotti

The Return

Letra de Set The Record Straight
Let's set the record straight
I own real estate
What it pay for?
I ain't never late (Yeah)
Fucked her twice
But we ain't never date (for real)
Gotti spaz and you hella late
Got bars like a jail cell
You thot bitch you a trend fail
I just walk up in Epic "where my money at?"
Like it's a drug sale
Let me get it, fuck the mayor
And the keys to the city
Fuck bitch i got keys to the hemi
Fuck they don't really hear me
They don't really feel me
Yeah I got plug boy
I can get plenty
I can go to Seattle
I can get shit so motherfucking green
Like a Greenbay Packer
I was selling in Atlanta
Ooo I was selling in Alaska
Driveway look like a lobster
I was in the White House
Nigga that's a white out
Looking like a motherfucking white [?]
Just met your bitch
And fucked her night after
Gangsta on the Internet
You thuggin' on Apple
You the type of nigga talking bad on the comments
I'm the type of nigga see you in person and slap ya
Nigga that's the sound of a gun
Bitch you better run

I swear the flow so stupid
I swear the boy so [?]
These niggas so groupie
Tell a pussy keep it movin'
I swear the flow so stupid
Ooo the boy so [?]
And these niggas so groupie
Nigga don't shake my hand, keep it movin'

I said all the hustlers come (Yeah)
Hit my nigga with a pack the hood jump (Yeah)
Nigga pull up [?] the hood, dump it (Yeah)
I ain't even gotta call the hood comes (Yeah)
You ain't really from the hood you from the outskirts (pussy)
You ain't really gettin' it in you without work (pussy)
Ima dope boy god to the trap niggas
I'll fuck around n bless one of you lil niggas
Flow so stupid you could tell bout it
Pride so big go to jail bout it
Love the hood so much raise hell bout it