Letra de Oh Well
I give them real shit every time
Man I just don't get it
Know what i'm saying?
Niggas learned the game from me

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
I'm the one that gave you [?]
I got nothing to lie about
Gambling in these streets
Until you fuck around and crap-out
Gave them real shit
Told them real shit
Got personal in them verses
They say the truth will hurt you
Oh well..
Oh well..

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
Little kids in the hood
They look up to a nigga
Don't know I served they momma
And daddy cooked up with a nigga (For real)
Big brother shot them pistols
And got booked up with a nigga
Real niggas do real things
We was bumping Jigga for real..
(man they say the streets is watching)
Bumping Jigga for real...

[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
Lost one, lost two, and lost three
Hope my youngins kill whoever kills me
(I'm talking murder)
I went to copping
End up getting that shit for free
Got the print, popping xans
Damn near OD'd
Went against the hood
Fell out with the OGs
Cuz I didn't follow the structure
About some shit I didn't believe
(And we supposed to be getting money nigga
Let's get money
If we ain't getting money what we doing?)

[Verse 4: Yo Gotti]
Look, I don't claim colors
I got blood brothers
I got real niggas
They like my blood brothers
You got fake homies
They your club buddies
And when the money gone
That's when it get ugly
Yeah, life's scary
Them hitters temporary
Who gon' push that 1, collect that call (beep)
Take care of commissary?
Who gon' make that visit every Sunday?
You know that Fed time mandatory
Who gon' pay them lawyers?
Who gon' write them letters?
Who gon' raise them kids?
Who gon' take care of you?
Hoes ain't got no patience
You know what you facing
That's too many years
You know that hoe ain't waiting
What happened to your partner and them ?
Ya'll was so 100 (squad)
You know them niggas out there making money
Ain't send you nothing
He was supposed to be your co-defendent
But he went to state
Same nigga
Y'all ate off the same plate
Oh well..
Oh well..

(See I keep trying to tell these niggas man
The same nigga that with you everyday
Gonna be the same nigga that
Gonna fuck your whole life up)

[Verse 5: Yo Gotti]
Look, I could give you niggas lectures all day
How to hustle all the motherfucking way
See there's laws to this motherfucking game
New money but the laws stay the same
You don't listen..
Oh well...

(They expect us to fail...
Oh well..
You don't care of your family or you do