Hard To Believe Letra

Yo Gotti


Letra de Hard To Believe
(feat. Denaro, V-Dog)

It's hard to believe (It's hard to believe)
I made it through the years (I made it through the years)
I guess that I'm blessed (I guess that I'm blessed)
Cause I didn't get popped (or I didn't get killed)

[Yo Gotti]
It's hard to except
The cards I was dealt
The life that I chose
A life full of crime
A bag full of dimes
A hood full of jealous ass niggas wanting mine
But now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
And if I die before i wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take
I seen it, all this ana fall, never thought I'd make it out
Broad-daylight, I seen my homeboy get takin' out
They shot at me
They got at me
Never could they get at me
I gotta thank the Lord from shielding me from all my enemies
Ran mo' blocks than fugitives
Sold mo' dope than Cubians
Kept my mind on dollar signs and never was abusing them
I think I got the feeling jone
I'm seeing millions jone
Come into my residence
But that's irrelevant
2000 was on jone
2000 is gone jone
2000 and 1 is here, I'm still droppin' songs jone


Don't shit exist in this galaxy, that's like Denaro
Ain't facin' shit, but tragedy from out of my baro
Witnessed too much shit at a age like mine
Beef off in the streets got me on stages wit nines
My nig Gotti get the mic, and yo I'm watchin' the crowd
I see a nigga start to reachin' and let that heater go pow
Took too many losses, felt sad feelings out here
My nig lost his mom and dad, I lost my lil' one this year
We be exposed to a lot of shit our eyes shouldn't see
But I'm composed of a lot of shit y'all niggas couldn't be
Cause I'm a real nigga, meaning I'm limited dog
Fake shit done played out like SEGA Genesis dog
They used to call me Ghost, cause I had a nigga that spook
Just a young nigga, strapped up and ready to shoot
I played it smart this year
Life was hard this year
I kept my lawyer fully paid and beat my charge this year, nigga


It's hard to believe I made it nigga, but I made it nigga, yeah I'm here
You thought that I wouldn't make it nigga, but tell me who you hear
It wouldn't my time to go, so I ain't gone nowhere
I'm still bumpin, keepin' you jumpin, while I'm smokin' my square
I be V slash D uh O G nigga, I'm just like a nigga, holdin' my pants when I
pose nigga
Still fuckin' hoes nigga
Doing my shows nigga
And listening to you niggas say this bitch is cold nigga
I'm out of control nigga
I can't be stopped bitch
I made it through the years with out gettin popped or killed
I said I'm out of control nigga, I can't be stopped bitch
I made it through the years with out gettin' popped or killed