Letra de Pop That
Pop that…
Work, work, work…
Pop that, bounce.

Oh, me so hartly, let’s have sex in the morning,
Pop that pussy in the bank account,
Two bad bitches on the front line.
3 0 5, might have a hoe,
Bitch kind of move like Tama Toe,
Bitch so thick like canna block,
There holds your puss, I could feed all block.
Shake that ass for a real nigger,
Go so sick, I’m ill, nigger.
Fuck that bitch, too, out loud,
Say you might build that pear, nigger,
Dig hard, she like that,
That pussy wet, now full and pull.
Life guard, didn’t like jacket,
Jet ski-ing from gardens, too.
Bitch hang on, it’s all on,
I might need that chlorine,
Bitch, you know through all that,
You want a word: hygiene.
Come fuck you with your heels on,
Meet me when them kids gone,
DJ, play my records on,
Pop that, that’s your ringtone.

Work, pop that pussy, bitch.
Pop that pussy, bitch.

Pop that pussy, drop that pussy,
Like you’re doing the percolator,
Fuck that nigger, get your paper,
Your boyfriend, the biggest idol.
Don’t pay him no mad, girl,
He just want your shine good.
I just want your inside, outside or inside.
Smack that ass like a motherfucker hard thing,
I’m in the scene to fuck a real nigger, how you love that?
Ain’t no love, don’t show none, you got no heart, don’t grow none,
Leave that pussy faded, wax it, shave it.
Told my bitch I made it, no more feeling cocaine,
She say she won’t like a rap, she fell in love with a dope man.
Cold game, it ain’t it from it, might be JK, tell me mad,
Might be street, now hob the aims,
We be fucking, tearing all the sheets.
She’s got that wet, I got that hard, grab her back, she get my heart,
Pop that pussy, get my car, fuck that pussy, I’m full in them bars.
Don’t stop, don’t, just don’t stop, keep going.
If you can’t suck that male right, stop, there go the dope.

Work, pop that pussy bitch, pop that pussy bitch
Work, pop that pussy bitch
The world is yours
Pop that pussy, bitch.