Hustling All My Life Letra

Yo Gotti

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Letra de Hustling All My Life
I been hustlin' all my life,
All I know is sell white, (live from the kitchen)
Know is sell white, All I know is sell white. (Yo Gotti!)
Young Blood on the green but I'd rather sell white, (that residue)
Rather sell white, (that extra shit) I'd just rather sell white nigga. (that extra rich)
But I ratha sell white, ratha sell white, ratha sell white (I'm a dopeboy for life nigga!)
Young Blood on the green but I'd rather sell white,
Man I'll never change my life cuase I ratha sell white!

I know I'm gettin checks, but I rather see it cash.
Pussy ass niggas out here workin for the task.
And I'm just int he kitchen, like I'm workin with my last,
Sweatin bullets over the stove, I'm just tryin to bring it back!
Put my city on the TV, call it 48 hours.
Them fuck niggas be snitchin but we murdered the cowards,
And we just in the hood selling crack, weed, and powder,
Every minute, every second, every motha fuckin hour!
Dis my life, dis my story, feel my motha fuckin pain.
You can rap about that work, me an you are not the same.
Put my life into a pot, little rotation from my wrist and you get dis,
My residue, that extra shit.
My mexican just brought me 30 bricks in the Hyundai!
Do I look like I got time to check on motha fuckin Myspace?
And I be Gucci down, head to toe on a Sunday!
Just like a fuckin model like I stepped off the runway.
Put on for my city like I'm Jeezy or Kanye!
Hundred-round choppers so you better not come my way.
Me tool feel like them niggas who owe me checks.
Big pistol down to die about my respect. CHEA!
Ain't no pimp, got a hoe outside.
You lookin at 5 50, look like snow outside.
WHITE ER'THING! My favorite color!
Cocaina Paint, represent the struggle!
We mafia! Stay ont he grind. Selling white shit that hipnotize minds.
Rich park, they ball hard.
MJ's on my feet, comin out hard.
Momma worried, just prayin to God,
That youngest son that live behind bars (NA!)
Stop the beat, where da Menphis Dro?
Fire it up! Dis my Southern Smoke!