Get Silly Freestyle Letra

Yo Gotti

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Letra de Get Silly Freestyle
Dance floor silly
That AK-47 play this shit like 'A Milli'
(I'll bust yo head)
Yeah, it's ya boy from the M
Down with Cash Money n them
(Tryna duck dem feds)
Wrist game silly
Neck game feel it
Mane my car game killin
(You should see my rims)
That's a hundred fifty thou'
Got me ridin in the house
(You ain't shit like him)
Hold up I think I hear them people listenin
200 grand you should see the boy glistenin
None but hundreds you should call him Mr. Benjamin
Franklin, well fuck it nigga bring it then (come on)
Say the work back high but the kush low (low)
Them Mexicans they bring it to my front do' (yeah)
4 G's flat what a pound fo' (fo')
24 grand what a brick go
I'll supersoak yo corner with them muthafuckin choppas
If I catch you with that work betta pop lock and drop it (yeah!)
I don't dance on them hoes, put my car in reverse
She see them fans on that hoe, I ain't playin with these hoes
Mane my paint job drippin
Baby mama trippin heard that I was in the strip club last nite tippin
Told her this my muthafuckin money, not yours
Said you need to stop getting on my muthafuckin nerves
Cause I'm full of dem pills and been sippin that syrup
And a nigga just ran off with like 2 or 3 birds
And my trigger finger itchin, when I catch him, I'm a kill him
Get my bond money ready; I catch I'm a kill him
Big pistol like God (God), I don't even smoke
But I'm breakin down the 'gar with yo bitch in the car
Yeah I got yo baby mama high as a cloud
But I'm 'bout to put her out if she keep talking too loud
Cause I'm tryna hear this muthafuckin new Lil Wayne
I'm like Bitch shut the fuck up and keep givin me brains
Mane it's so much money that it's hard to stay sane
I'm just tryna stay focused and keep doin my thang
Quarter 5, leave tomorrow
Yeah we play games
Pull up at the club in a fleet of cocaine
White Georgia, White Lexus, White truck, White Benz
White on White leather chrome lips with them white rims
White girl, white boy shout out to my White friends
Mexicans, Colombians who help me bring that white in
Who help me bring that white in