Letra de Talk To 'Em
Pay a motherfuckn atention;

Yea, gotti talk to um, nigga we here
I need to talk to um, I need to talk to um, it been a long time coming homie;
Chopper talk to um, chopper talk to um
(Yea)ah let me talk to um;
(Yea).ah let me talk to um,
Gotti talk to um;
Gotti talk to um;
This here for my street niggas;
(Just let me talk to um)
My hood bitches
(Ah gotti talk to um, ah gotti talk to um)
You already know what it is homie

Back on the block, fresh up out the court room
Fitted hat all black, nun but goons;
Yelling free my nigga d.j. drama don cannon;
Let stop a second, I need a undastanding
First I sale birds, then I switched to words,
You want to lock me for that you got the fuckn nerve, oh main, I guess they ain't playn fair, so I'm going back to the basics and I ain't playn fair

My last album dropped and you might think I flopped, cause you didn't see me on bet and mtv main;
Ridin in that drop and bet I got mo money than some of them nigga that's on bet and mtv main;
Gooti tell the truth, so if a nigga don't know;
I'm teel how I made a million or mo;
I get 75 hundred, friday saturday and sunday;
That's twenty two five a weekend I'm gettn money
Just me my nigga star and my new nigga platinum;
Ain't no secert I'm gone slang if I don't make it rapping;
Big ole rankin what's happen, young cash what's good;
When I come to duvole shoot me straight to the hood;
Tell plies throw me a bad bitch, I'm gone need ha, and after a nigga fuck ha, damn right I'll feed ha;
MJ dem my people, 8ball you trill, three 6 I don't fuck with them, that's just how it is; no publicity stunt, that's just how it is, main them niggas doing they thing, but them niggas ain't real, somebody talk to um, for I make that chopper talk to um

I'm from watkins and brown, thuggin in da crest, now I'm with dj khaled, hollin we da best;
A street nigga got to floss, black on black benz like I'm rickey ross, wats happn e class, wat up brisco, I got a hundered on me nigga wat they hittn fo, dade county luv, from dade county thugs, cheap price, I'm tryn to get a dade county plug

(Thanks to Quantisa for these lyrics)