If I Ever Thought Letra

Yo Gotti

CM10: Free Game

Letra de If I Ever Thought
For real, for real
Can you imagine being me?
Just know you can't, for real
No drugs, whole lot of money, whole lot of speculations
You couldn't even imagine

Can I think out loud? Can I tell myself I'm proud?
You ever looked in the mirror and said you foul 'cause you living wild?
Can I speak out loud?
Is anybody listening? It may take a while
May have a lot to say, you heard me?
But this ain't therapy
This the ex-drug dealer hall of fame jersey
This that kept it gangster in every song
I might be living wrong
This that in the kitchen cooking bricks up in thе zone
This that spin the block and spin again until they gonе
This that once you got up, you went put your niggas on
This that you can't trust no bitch, so you can't find love (At all)
This that fuck security, we take pistols in the club
This that he so quiet, they don't know what he be thinkin'
Millions on my mind, if we ain't gettin' money, why we linkin'?
I don't get high to just be high, if we ain't celebratin', why we drinkin'?
Big Gotti, I do big shit, I don't know what you niggas thinkin'
Yeah, yeah
Sometimes I cry when I'm alone
Most times I don't answer my phone
I be talking to God like, "Am I wrong?"
I do whatever I gotta do to make it home (But snitch)
Don't never think Gotti alone
I don't move like that
Yeah, I'm mister no pressure, yeah, I'm smooth like that
Don't be speaking 'bout— we ain't cool like that
So many times i done been doubted
You niggas should know that I'm 'bout it
Gangster, but I ain't that proud about it
Yeah, my visions on billions
My visions on building buildings
Making street niggas millions
I don't gossip or do rumors, I don't excercise feelings
You internet gangster-ass niggas, I ain't feeling
I'm flawless, I ain't never fold
All this pressure and i ain't never told

Big Gotti, big Memphis, you know what I'm saying?
Big— um
Big everything, nigga, to you little-ass niggas