We Gonna Be Alright Letra

Yo Gotti

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Letra de We Gonna Be Alright
Don't cry mama, he'll be back, we're gon' be alright...

Man, I miss my brother, I swear to god, I'm still mad at myself that I couldn't take the charge, I remember like yesterday, phone ringing up off the hook, pandemonium in the north, what happened to juk? shhhhhit, I don't know, guess the same old bullshit, Fed's said DP got caught with half a brick, that damn near stopped my heart, cause me and knowing my brother I'm thinking this shit hard, but luckilly it was soft and fortunately he was straight, we're findin' to take it to trial, but went on sign for eight, mama we're gon' be straight, li'l sister we're gon' be cool, I know that my brother strong, so I did what I had to do

Mama we're gon' be aiiiiight,
he gon' be okay,
shit, I didn't know but I was walkin' on faith,
li'l sister we're gon' be aiiight, he gon' be okay,
got me a brick and started moving that weight

His sister taking it bad, mama trying to be strong, couple calendar years, I never shedded a tear, wrote him a couple letters to tell him I'm doin' better, told him I took his Chevy and put the shit back together, told him I'm gettin' money, I counted a hundred g's, told me to slow it down, play the shit low-key, told me to make it happen, focus more on rappin', cause fuckin' round in these streets that anything can happen, told me I had heart, plus he knew I was smart, the only thing that'd break his heart is if I fuck around and catch a charge, told me to watch my sister and never let mama suffer, and do what I had to do to overcome the struggles

Chorus x2

Finally made parol, they think he gon' change his life, I axed him what he gon' do, he said he's gon' walk light, it wasn't a year later, he smokin' behind tint, half an ounce of the reddy rock, mane they got his ass again, judge gave him a bond, now he out on the run with that fuck the world attitude, still totin' a gun, still havin' his fun, we clubbin' it on the weekend, had conversations bout going to turn himself in, wanted to raise his son, gon' get the shit behind him, plus he knew it's only so long before they find him, lawyer was talking good, say he gon' get three, when the prosecuter quit yellin' they gave my brother eleven, my mama damn near fainter, my brother didn't want to accept it, the hardest part for me, I couldn't do nothing to help it, rap shit paid off, now we all on tv, my brother say he good, he finally feel free

Chorus x2

(Thanks to mztez for these lyrics)