Letra de Shawty
Yea yea mane, this D-Nero mane
Representin them I&E Blockburners mane
Y'all know what time it is mane
Gotta grind before you shine mane
This not a game mane

[Chorus: x2]
Got white shawty cheap cheap price shawty
I'm in the the club wit that real clear ice shawty
I want a bitch that can do the whole click shawty
I'm just a young nigga tryin to get rich shawty

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
I'm a pimp shawty plus I'm from the M shawty
And all these rappers I don't mess wit them shawty
My life real shawty blood, sweat and tears shawty
Through out these years I then told it how it is shaawty
No meals rap niggaz they be broke shawty
Unless they sold a million records or some dope shawty
We ridin sprees and these suckas ridin spinners shawty
cuz we some vets and they some mahfuckin beginners shaawty
We got green shawty, we got lean shawty
We on the block where its hot servin fiends shawty
We in the club come and show a nigga love shawty
forget a table dance Gotti want some scrubs shaawty


[Verse 2: D-Nero]
I'm kinda young shawty far from being dumb shawty
You got ya hands out and can't get a crumb shawty
I'm street made shawty, street how I get paid shawty
real hustlaz hustle a hundred different ways shawty
Stuck in the game motherfuck the fame shawty
slung everything from cocaine to Mary Jane shawty
I never quit tryin to get rich shawty
if it ain't bout a dollar really it ain't shit shawty
I'm OG shawty ridin lo key shawty
you know me seatbelt big heat shawty
shop open he ain't never closed shawty
Still on the post breakin down O's shawty


[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
Smith & Wess, VVS, Mitchell and ness shawty
never the less keep you a vest cuz they'll test ya shawty
24s that's the best VHS Shawty
DVD and Ps2 in ya head rest shawty
I'm on a mission shawty, gotta get bout my digits shawty
and see me clip a bag of them 50s off in my britches shawty
I got my money right yep I'm been on the strecth shawty
6 days a week 21 and 2 in the crest shawty
and you can bet shawty I'm one of few in the south
that really live the life that I be rappin' bout shawty
I keep a glock 40 where I'm from we some fools
we don't play anything goes shawty