My Conscious Curiosity Letra

Yesterdays Rising


Letra de My Conscious Curiosity
I sit here
with the greatest wonder
ever thought up
inside of my head
inside of my head

This wonder will someday
be an answer to my ears,
and no longer a quest
that I cannot conceive

Oh universe of astonishment

What am I a part of?
What makes one dream?
And what makes a person,
have intuitive passion for something?
What gives us touch,
and a sweet taste?
Who warms our inner soul,
and what makes us break?

Oh universe of ripeness

I sit here
with the greatest test
that i will ever endure
in my life

This test is my life
and all that comes with it
the start and the end
the inside and out

Oh, universe of righteousness

What makes a person something specific?
And why do they become that?
Does one take enough time,
to ponder such thoughts?
Does one realize how beauteous,
existence really is?

What is life?
And what is to come?