Letra de Sail
Sail to my love
Through the dark
Eyes guided by a watch
That draws endlessly round
The arc of leaves
Spinning in the sand
By the Ganges

Something incredible
The stomp of science
Broods and nurses children
In their discoveries

Not in the name of a wolf cub
Not in the shade of a golf club
But the remains of compassion
I build my history from

Tactfully he said
'Cause he's so well read
“Can we sit in silence?”
In galleries of art
We broke our hearts
For all the stones unturned

And in the light of a lamppost
I set aside what I feared most
And we just drifted to the dawn
Where the sun would keep us warm

Science where have you gone?

Sail through the swamps
To the Ganges
Lift your head in song
For I've found where I belong