Letra de Shuffle #3
"Someone from home, called to share a smile today."
"So share a smile, dial someone tonight."

Refashion the daily bathing dream that
Now that dirty has become this seasons clean.
Your mother says with a great dismay,
“"You wreak boy."

But this makes identity which breaks no laws,
But at least I've got a machine to help my cause.

Meanwhile in the conference they're trying to think of
What will appeal to the minds of the housebound.
And now they've had their coffee, they're making the link,
The habits of youth make their mothers so unproud.

Ignore the gameshow hosts attempts to endorse it,
It's just slick black hair.
And slicked back hair will never win the interbrand wars.

They agree they've found a way to make the profits begin to sway,
They know it will pay if they prey on the youth of today.

Reshuffle the daily bathing dream that
Now that soiled has become this weekends clean.
"You wreak." Your father says with a great dismay,
Because that's what he's supposed to say.

To promote rebellion which breaks no laws,
This is the muscle of the advert world's force.

Now sur la plage they're enjoying the prize,
And they're reaping rewards as they make the parents prouder.
But now just for once, they're telling no lies,
There's a brightness is washing powder.