Reform Part I Letra



Letra de Reform Part I
[Music & lyrics by Xerath]

Mass cityscapes
Mind soul deteriorate
At home with distraction
Bloodshed, sanity all but dead
The reigning, present, mindset
The hope, the hope of ever reconciling what's lost
The ever torn and frail fabric of humanity
And global stability
With unification comes the inevitable strains
And the war games
To ever think otherwise
Would defy your presence and your flaws
A time came when the shadows remained
At home with paranoia
Constructs of our own undoing
A one way course
The reigning, reformed, mindset

Today in all solution
To open eyes
Your time to ascend
At first the world began
Storms pushing waters to the lands
Call of life to a lifeless void
Now destroyed

The solution the crime
I have sought an end
This is the final reform