Letra de Red 7
Run riot
All night
Keep quiet
Yeah right,
I know nothing about you
Like it even matters.
You know nothing about me
Walk of shame, walk of shame.
I am too scared to breathe
Can't even sleep
I should have been faithful.
And I don't believe everything lost for good.
We were young we were wild cards
Playing God in a parking lot.
Cold chaos
All night
Sidewinders for life
Be brave, focus on conquest
Like a kamikaze
We walk straight through the gauntlet
Test of faith test of faith.
May God have mercy on you and I
For the sins that we shared tonight
Be still and pray for the peace
That passes all understanding
Goodbye, Goodbye to the setting sun
Goodbye, Goodbye to everyone
Get back Get back to the starting line
Get back get back to the only light