Letra de Hiss
The low forces they shut it it and judge it
The load they speak it out, the low they matter
Gotta hold it, ooh the strangers come here
Sit down on your knees
We’ll looking on, no matter these are mean
He will touch real staks
That will say, let you extreme
And the danger to his wife
That we may see it
Roll on road and in line will be nothing
And they put you both to rich
How justfy the crime that you get
Wanna plug and they cut the ..of devil
And the grass drive his style...
And then these are hit
With all your high, you risk all the sign
To the high style, you’ll be hit with that
They hold me down, they know for sure that
Another real and stop us for trick
They’ll be shop, I blow up for it
Now all is good, blues are quikly
Now, we are real, and we blowing wild
Of a crown, the rollies deep down
And that sheavy be in the moment
And the way you look to they
And the way you look to they
Got us under stress
That’s the way you look to they
You guessing what they say
Where would they be at
They rise all in this