Behind Your Breath Letra

Woven Hand

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Letra de Behind Your Breath
Up up
And behind your breath
Up up up
Up up
And behind behind

He up
Up and behind your breath
His face takes it's place
Behind whats left
You wait for it
It will not come
These things are hidden
In the rest of the son

Flatter yourself not
All your noise come to naught
Endless ending endless
Collection of plagues
Brought down on the median ground

Up up
and behind your breath
Up up up

scorch the earth
ruined lives entire
of all the architects grand
this ones the liar
but my king
my king
shows his hands

Up up
and behind your breath
Up up up

a golden rod
to measure the city
the city, it's gates, it's walls
every breath here a call to prayer
we as we as
children there