Letra de Time Goes By
You know they say, God said, to whom he gives, much is expected...Im living proof of that...got me drinkin this liquor....smokin this weed.....I been through it though

You see before this rap shit, i aint really have no problems,
now i gotta carry revolvers, cause niggas is starving,
and i aint gave a plate out yet,
im goin hard and i aint played out yet.
And them hoe niggas talkin, i got somethin to say bout that,
they talk greasy when they see me dog they aint bout that,
niggas be feeling personalities and bang on wax,
im 100 you can bank on dat,
got my bank all fat,
yeah im doing my thang here,
heard my first track thinkin thats when i came here,
was actually raised here,
but wasnt born who could give a fuck,
my whole family as far as i can go back stays here,
its not a mystery,
this where i graduated high school, went to middle school and elementary,
so dont say shit to me,
cause bitch if i aint the prince,
show me who the fuck it is, if it isnt me.
you niggas history im lookin like the future,
only know how to ball something like a hooper,
swishas of that cali bomb smellin like a fruit cup,
yeah, i got heart but never claimed to be too tough,
but never said that my homies dont shoot stuff,
real street niggas no talkin just do stuff,
in the club patron and lime juiced up,
reppin that Rostrum, heavy huslte im trued up,
im wit some dudes you used to see blued up,
on a get money swag we done moved up,
big crib nice chain, the new truck,
some say im doing good i say i dont do much, but go hard,
niggas say i wouldnt be shit with no squad, ha, ya so smart,
cause i was just 16 rappin with no job,
met chad and benji and now im a young star
he and hard basically molded the young boy,
thats why they do shit for me but they wont record yall,
knew i was the one when they first heard the boy talk,
got a horror flick flow, came to murder all em up,
addicted to it now its like im servin all em soft,
got my pockets all fat like im Sherman off the Klumps my money come in lumps,
yall dont really wanna get funky,
nothing but a bunch of funny acting chumps and i had shit boxed since day one,
i dont advise niggas to say nun,
you something like a clone, ima be known as one of them great ones,
for those gone i roll and blaze some ya dug me

Time just goes by, and i dont know why i stay high (x4)

(Talking through Chorus)

Shits crazy man, (shits crazy), Seem like...Niggas just wanna see you fucked up out here, soon as you start doing good thats when shit change, they expect you to change but you know...this the way we supposed to be, i thought we was supposed to move up, fuck you mad at me for....(niggas startin' to get real jealous) ya know, got me stressed the fuck out man, looking left and right before i go in my crib (im too young for this shit) watching every move i make, and for what (nothing) Rest in Peace to Jayla Brown (Rest in Peace) Rest in Peace Maina Ward (Rest in Peace)...412