Letra de The Blend
Nahh, you know what?

Sports coup spoiler
Sippin' on a bottle of water
Damn serious like the 4 quarter
Niggas can't get the shit, it's on back order
Holler at the waitin and some already spoiled em
Bout to give away, the shits can’t bored of the money spendin
High performance, exhaust systems
Straight bossin, more than often
Nigga I’m always getting it, straight jet livin
I got all my cars, all my weed, all my women
Badly in exotics at mafia style dinners
Duck in pictures as we toast to getting richer
It was all planned out for us to stand out
The have nots have it all
Without accepting handouts dawg
Twisting the top of the plit jat
Hide under

Niggas out they rabid ass mind
Thinkin I ain’t gon try to get as much money as I could make this year
You must be on some hardcore drugs
I’m just flippin through magazines and rollin them raws up
My red cup filtered with gin
That’s my gang and they destined to win
In the Stang and you better spin, give good brain
You should let er in
Leave your cigars, choice already roll I got
Weed in the jar, told you that my life’s the shit
And you gon love it
In the morning I got a polaroid of it
Wake up feeling way better than you ever did
With the nigga that you was with
And now you got the nigga all upset because of it
Would call my phone but he know that I don’t play that
Send some real niggas where he stay at
Made it quite clear - take yo lips, put em right here