Letra de Chevy Bars
Uh, yeah

She always in the latest
It gotta be something about her, I can't do no basic
Need us annihilate then, that's just to keep it player
Been getting money, don't be stupid, can't do me no favors
I got this project chick always play Lil Wayne
I think she tryna drive me crazy, told her stay in her lane
They always told me it was fire when it came to that 'caine
Yeah I was serving hard in like James and kept a rocket
Way too G'd up, feet up, light the weed up
I took his honey from him, she told me you wan' be us
He had a buzz, that was a light year
With 20-20, you pussy, we see it quite clear
I hit your BM in her DM then had her with me by PM
Stevie Wonder, I get money off keys and never see 'em, uh
Ain't saying shit, boy, you all talk
And ain't no prices ever dropping over here, this ain't Walmart