Numbers In Action Letra


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Letra de Numbers In Action
Eski Boy A-listed
To get it right I know it's all about timing,
I reinvent, I'm like a brand new signing,
I talk about the little ladder we are climbing,
Music ain't a thing because I know I put the time in,
If it's an issue then you're gonna need tissue
Cause your eye balls are waterin' you can stop whining
Whingin', change what you're thinkin'
I'm all for, putting the pen to the paper cause I'm an author

I'm never putting an act on, I've done this thing since Shaq at Saxon
And I'm still a fan of Michael Jackson, but now I want to see numbers in action,
I wanna see numbers in action
I wanna see numbers in action
I wanna see numbers in action
I wanna see numbers in action

Yo can ya send me what I called for
Like green sticky yeah the one you might route for
They say they don't like wiley
Talk more
Because I educate like a tutor
Musical you see me group one your in group 4
And you got defeat by the one u need 2 for
These other spitters ain't hot they are lukewarm
Have you ever seen a grime spirit in it's true form
Help boy put in a shoe like a shoe horn
They tell me kick back a little cause I'm too raw
I see the fings on your mind and what ya crew saw
I've got the vision I can open up a new door
And I'm one of the greatest but my sounds fresh like one of the latest
I can move floors
Especially dance ones
Plus I got hits, chart ones, dual core

Yeah mugs is what they wanna take you for
Do I really take the piss I ain't too sure
People sayin that ma last hits rolex, so I ain't stoppin when I know that I can do more
They're muggin me that's what is sounds like
I bought the albums, our price sounds right
I'm so in tune with the sounds gonna sound right
Two number ones up I'm on a now hype.