Trouble on the Patio Letra

The Waking Eyes

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Letra de Trouble on the Patio
Is it a problem if we'd arrange, in some way that's un-contrived
Where I'm spending the night?
Sorry I left you out on the ledge but suddenly my past arrived
Of course she needed a light
But there's a calmness now

She leaned in to kiss me within your range
I told her to mind her own (I knew she wanted to feel again)
But as you and I walk over the bridge
Under the moon that is filled to the brim
I think maybe it's safe to say

I'm a boy, are you a girl
Who's only counting the seconds 'til
Swollen lips meed in your bed?
You are the needle, I'm the thread

In your apartment, all that we say is painfully rational
But it's there in your eyes
That if we're just a group of atoms that clutch
Fast to a rock that is tethered and hucked
Around some unimprotant sun
Then why do I shake from the subtlest touch?
And quivering hands make me gesture and flush
Oh let's try not to think so much

It's a soft early light
Spilling into the room
Oh, the perilous fight
Our arrangement is doomed

Oh my penniless heart
Oh my penniless heart