Get Me to the Doctor Letra

The Waking Eyes

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Letra de Get Me to the Doctor
It lit up easy like the candles on a cake
And with a human quality it wouldn't take us to the first place we were going
It was finally quitting
I never thought that it would die right on the highway
When we were pushing it was shoving like it tried to say
"Get me to the doctor, no one should be driving"


They say the worst things always come in threes
And the way that it went down got me on my knees
We were looking for relief while we stared in disbelief and wondered
How could it happen to us? We're young and able
They laid this faulty light ticket on the table
And took away the one thing that keeps my mind from sinking
What were we thinking?

Goodnight, my final hour
Crept like a mouse to my door
And now I must turn
To a lesson you'll learn
A black steel skeleton core

Halfway to our final destination
From the city in the centre of the nation
The morning was trying to warn me
We need to stop and should have stopped back when we had the chance
We're just the victims of unfortunate circumstance
And no one should have been driving