Letra de All Empires Fall
I know a man, he's a bit of a brat
Lies to his friends, says he knows where it's at
Yeah I know a man, think he's running the world
Let's take him down, pull him down, we don't want him around here no more
All on his own but he don't give a damn
Three years later, still playing the lamb
Yeah it's not the problem, it's the cause that's the problem
Just not enough to go around
No, there's never enough of it

All empires fall
All empires fall

I think it's time that we learn Chinese
Something's coming from the East, can't you feel the breeze?
People talking 'bout the end of history
Don't they see it's just a cycle, just a cycle spinning around us again

Rome Was strong 'til the bitter end
Plagued by attacks that she couldn't defend
She was stretched too thin like the skin on a drum
Getting pounded and a-pounded and a-pounded by the weight of the way it is

Why don't we take time to relax?
Retreat to the facts
It's anything and everything from dust to dust
A set of eyes, hands and ears
A collection of fears
Is this as good as it gets
Reigning on a stone after two million years?