Suffering To Live, Scared To Love Letra

Verse (Punk)


Letra de Suffering To Live, Scared To Love
Blurry visions of your past, unknown mask up ahead.
Will the path we choose to take lead us to bliss, or to our certain death?
So weighed down, we've got the weight of the world on our shoulders.
Will we sit still in a state of Paralysis waiting for love to hold us?
Knee Deep in a society where we learn to do just what we're told.
Keeping us all high on emotion overload.
Sleep: Just an unknown road.

Definitions of Safety become our seclusion's solitude.
Abandon All: Put ourselves out on the line to bare it all in the nude.
Scared People, still swayed by expression on 3 color fabric.
Condemn all you want, you're still the one who's sick.

We're Suffering To Live.
We're Scared Of Love