All About Technic Letra


Doin' It

Letra de All About Technic
Shut up and sit up as I wet up the set-up
If you don't like it, punk, get out or get up
Do whatever you wanna do, suck on a lollypop
I'm like the breakball, this is the last stop
I made, the dribbles and dodgin the puppets
Whoever standin in my way is a culprit
On tape, I rape the women with rap
And in the near future their babies will clap
To a sequel that's equally soothin like Nitequil
I know that you thought that I lost it but I will
Keep on producin rhythms even better
If you really love them, then write me a letter
I'm better than best, I'm above all the rest
I can be reached at the fan club address
That's the driving force that encourage me
No rapper worries me, they can't discourage me
I remained since my arrival
Believe in myself and believe in survival
My rappin is edible, sweet like bonbons
I'm ridin the bassdrum to stay in the top-top
Just when you think I'm runnin out of breath
I bounce back with a rap - doubly def
The Educated Rapper's verses will stifle you
Scavengers, novice rappers, you're trifle, you
Haven't the slightest idea how much I ruffle
Your conscience, your insides, I watch you hustle
I don't just talk to be talkin
I don't bop it anyway to be walkin
I just try to be me, E
The only E, - E.M.D.

[Kangol Kid]
Yeah boy, that's my boy E.M.D., Educated Most Definitely
But right about now Kangol is in effect
And I'ma talk to my man Mixmaster Ice
Now check this out
You know that UTFO's all about talkin about young ladies, right?
Right about now we gon' talk about this young lady around the neighborhood, alright?
And this young lady, she is def
Fly, firm, dope, youknowmsayin?
She - yo, she's correct, youknowmsayin?
Now Ice, I want you to tell everybody here how bad this young lady is
Tell em right about now, Ice
[Mixmaster Ice cuts up]
[Run-D.M.C.] (Bad meaning bag, but bad meaning good)

Yeah boy
Now when Ice say a young lady is bad, she is definitely bad, youknowmsayin?
Ice, you see any bad young ladies in the audience?
Like I thought, homeboy
But back to the young lady, alright?
Check this out
She couldn't stand still for nothin
She was always on the (go)
I mean she would (go) from one guy to another
And then she'd (go) from that guy to another guy
And if there was a whole bunch of guys in the room
Ice, tell me what this young lady would do
(Go) (go) (go) to him
(Go) (go) then to him
[as Mixmaster Ice cuts up "go"]
Then to him, to me, my man B-Fyne, E, Doc, everybody
(Go) (go) (go)

Now you fellas are probably thinkin that eh -
It's kinda hard to get this young lady, right?
But let me tell you:
All you gotta do to this young lady is whistle
[Mixmaster Ice scratches a whistling sound]
And check this out, she's so much on a mission
She'll walk by you and wait for you to whistle
On a serious tip
She'll even hear you if you whistled under water
[Mixmaster Ice makes the whistling sound as if under water]

Back to the ladies
Let me tell you a little somethin
I've seen my man Mixmaster Ice in action
And when my man whistles ladies just cold go nut, youknowmsayin?
Ice, show them what I'm talkin about
[Mixmaster Ice scratches]

But eh - back to the original story, alright?
[as Mixmaster Ice scratches]
Now the young lady I was tellin you about, I ain't tell you her name
But eh - well eh - we call her Technic
Cause she be makin moves, youknowmsayin?
But yo, my man Ice, he video-taped what him and this young lady did, alright?
It was like a movie with Ice in it
Check this out
Started with one finger - two fingers - three fingers - four
His whole hand disappeared, you couldn't see it no more, youknowmsayin?

Now you ladies is gonna like this
My man's wrist disappeared, up to his forearm
Then he started illin with his elbow, serious, with his elbow like this
[Mixmaster Ice scratches]
With his elbow!

Now I know some of you young ladies out there goin, "Euwww, that's gross!"
But you gon' love this
After his arms got tired
All we heard was
[Chuck D] (How low can you go?)
Let me tell you how low he went
My man put his lips against Technic and started illin like this
[Mixmaster Ice scratches]
With his lips!
Ice, was it good?
(Really fresh)
Word em up, boy
Ice is definitely the deejay that the ladies can relate to