Blow Yo Mind Intro Letra


Mr. Xcitement

Letra de Blow Yo Mind Intro
Blow Yo Mind Intro Video:
[Intro: crowd]
Start the fuckin' show! (G-O-D, baby!)
Yeah, G-O-D, U-G-O-D
Uey!! Yeah U-G-O-D!

Who the bad mother brother with the super sperm
That's waiting in the corner, for his return?
Ya'll step back cuz the trigger is lethal ---
He's a cool cool cat, you know where he's at
Fast on the fate, don't pull your blade
Cool dude, now here is the sequel ---
He ride the rhyme with new releases
And rock you deep, and hold you tight
Crack your back in a million pieces ---
Whoooo, he sly as a fox, cause major pain
And fly when he box, when he play the game
Slide from the cops, and grab your dames --
Whoooo, he sly in the sequel, and your eye ain't quicker than
Cut your posters, zero, nine
He freak you out, til you down right simple
He's bad, he'll blow yo mind...